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“Active shooter”.

“Mass shooter”.

“School shooting”.

Unfortunately, we know these words too well. We also know the names of schools like Columbine, Parkland, and Uvalde – but for all the wrong reasons.

The tragic reality is whether you’ve experienced an active shooter situation directly or seen it daily in the headlines, we’re all living under a dark cloud of attack.  We’re all on high alert knowing that no matter where we go: school, the train, or places of worship, we could find ourselves face to face with a deranged gunman.

The weight of this “could” is crushing. It’s a terrible burden for us, as humans, to carry.

We’re scared. Specifically with schools. The data shows that shootings are not decreasing but on the rise. We’re on our heels and don’t know what to do. Our administrators and law enforcement feel helpless and lost. And because of our fears we’re barricading ourselves in. Installing big, obtrusive steel doors, ballistic panels on windows, and metal detectors at all entrances. We’ve turned our most sacred places – places of learning, growth, and community – into fortresses and prisons.


No-one wants that.

All the metal detectors and surveillance cameras, the police presence and active-shooter drills – they don’t go unnoticed. They are hardening our schools. Hardening our children. Hardening our souls. It’s undermining education and is contrary to the very purpose of our schools – which is to allow our children to develop and grow. To be social and have fun. To nurture the spark in each child so that they can grow and have full, productive lives.


When sending our kids to study, we should never have to ask: “Are they safe?” We should just know that they are.


As of today, no one’s been able to adequately protect our children from these heinous school shootings.


Enough is enough.


At AiLert we are on an obsessive mission to return our schools to being what they’ve always been: places of learning and community. Not prisons or fortresses but a place for our kids to grow.


Our exceptionally driven team is united by a moral duty. United by the pursuit of the highest caliber of technology. And united by humanity. It’s our steadfast belief that access to safety and protection is a human right…and getting it should be simple and affordable. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to creating the most innovative and practical weapons detection technology that can be easily installed on any existing CCTV camera system. A system that is always on so you can feel protected, safe, and secure.


Built by a team of industry outsiders hellbent on solving a problem no-one has been able to solve so far, our system combines accuracy with speed – the best in the industry – because our solution doesn’t rely on human verification. In fact, we never require human authentication because while we love humans, they’re just not great at this.  AI does a much better job. Our alerts go directly from camera to law enforcement because in these situations, every second counts.


That’s why our solution processes on premises so we can always promise the fastest response times. This approach also means your data never leaves the network eliminating all data privacy and personal data constraints.


Once notified of an improper weapon our technology provides invaluable information and intelligence to those on the ground. Privacy issues are a non-issue, too. We’re GDPR compliant adhering to the regulations in data protection and privacy in Europe, and believe in eliminating cultural bias from weapons detection. 


This is the beauty of AI tech. It’s not human. It doesn’t hesitate. It doesn’t wrongly see a dark-skinned hand for a weapon.


AiLert is non-invasive, seamless – and it just works. In mere seconds AiLert:


Detects a weapon.  Sounds an alert.  Gets law enforcement officials to the scene.


It’ll give law enforcement a complete picture, so they can take action instead of being paralyzed. 


And this will help stop a school shooter before a shot is ever fired.


When activated, AiLert allows law enforcement to feel confident they can be successful. This allows school administrators to feel confident they have a plan. This allows parents to feel confident their kids will be safe when they send them off to school.


But most importantly…

This allows our children to not even think about the problem and do what they should be able to do: going to school knowing they are in a safe environment so they can focus on what really matters – learning.


It’s time for our children to be safe.
It’s time to have a plan of action and implement a system that works.

It’s time to seize back control of our communities and classrooms.

IT’s time to go back to what we all know: a school should be a school.

AiLert. When every second counts. 

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